Trump & the Media

by on Mar.08, 2017, under Pesky Ethics, Politically Correct

The news proves that Trump won. While the headlines should be how the economy is improving, the media is stuck on trying to pin everything on the Russians which automatically tells their base that it is Trumps fault. Hopefully this will eventually stop because even so called professionals, Democratic Senators and Congressmen are saying things that are so disrespectful of the president’s office it’s truly becoming dangerous. Of course the left long ago stopped respecting the office. From Kennedy on, every Democrat has reduced expectations of the presidency. When a Republican has held it the Democrats rhetoric has been rude. I fear there will soon be violence. Especially now that there are now pro-administration rallies that give both side the chance to come face to face. Maybe now the damage will be done to each other instead of just innocent property owners.

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by on Jan.31, 2017, under Rants

It’s hard to believe I made it through the election without comment. Now the excitement begins.

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USA Today

by on Oct.13, 2016, under Civil Liberty, Ethics, Rants

I recently responded to a editorial in USA Today named “Vote Yes on Gun Safety Measures.” I doubt that they will publish it but things should be said. “What you are missing is the constitution. There is nothing in it that allows limitations. In CA they are trying to back door suppression by making it harder to purchase ammunition yet publications like this believe that simply asking someone to prove who they are for voting is racial discrimination. Readers need to understand that views like this come from people who believe, not people who know. This is where that belief that somewhere buried  in the 4th amendment lies the right to an abortion. Like the 2nd having no provisions for the type of gun, the 4th had no provisions other than the rights to privacy which are richly described. Groups like Mom’s against gun violence are just paid shills for the extreme leftist such as Blomberg, Soros, Clinton and others. I believe there is a real revolution coming and it isn’t being led by or because of Trump.”

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4 Dead in O-Hi-O

by on Sep.15, 2016, under Civil Liberty, Hillary, Obama, Our Government

I was thinking last night about a song that has been running through my head for the last couple of days, sung by the 1/4th of CSNY. You know the one (possibly only) singer who had to sing with his left ball clamped firmly between his pot stained fingers. You know who I’m talking about (Young). “TIN SOLDIERS AND NIXON COMING, FOUR DEAD IN O-HIO” Nowadays when I think of this scenario I don’t really think of the right. I’m definitely thinking of the left, Obama, Hillary, EPA, National Park Service etcetera, etcetera, etcetera….

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September 7th

by on Sep.07, 2016, under California Government, Rants

– I am sitting here doing an analysis on whether a project could qualify as LEED Gold. This is especially sickening because it (really LEED) is just a feel good liberal goal that does nothing for the business owner. Especially here in Kalifornia. Our design standards are already so high and there is literally no payback for it. Even our state government who requires LEED accredited buildings for their occupancy isn’t willing to pay for it. Imagine how long the payback is on a million or so extra dollars.
Meanwhile Obama spent another 10 million enlisting illegals to vote for Hillary Yes, I meant to say illegals.

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Has Ann Ever Listened to Strange Days?

by on Apr.10, 2016, under Our Government, Race for the White House, Rants

I try and read Ann Coulter’s columns whenever I get a chance because she is a good writer and until recently a solid conservation voice. Trump? Really? Though I will vote for whatever leftover on the Republican ticket against the Democrat opponent, I don’t find myself entertaining a vote for Donald but as a last resort.

He has many of the attributes that would attract me, including being outside of politics, a sucessful businessman and generally not afraid to say what is on his mind. Unfortunately there are many times where it appears there is little on his mind other than repetitive cliches and slogans. Even though he has recently said things that conform to conservative values, one can’t forget his years of just being a developer celebrity. In 2007 while Hillary was running for the nomination and against Rudy GiulianI he said that both were good candidates. He later went on to say that Clinton was a good secretary of state. My impression is that he didn’t really pay attention to politics in the past and the reason he continues to sound so uneducated politically is because he is. He has never looked at anything further than what would benefit one of his developments or celebrity.

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Voting Rights

by on Feb.22, 2016, under Civil Liberty, Ethics, Our Government

Why is it that our nation is constantly under attack by internal groups to nullify the constitution and bill of rights? Every election cycle they (the liberals) try to give non-citizens the ability to vote. WHY IS IT EVEN A QUESTION OR UP FOR DISCUSSION? If you are not a citizen YOU CANNOT VOTE. It is bad enough that states like California ignore the constitution and do not enforce it. The same goes for the 2nd amendment. It is part of the constitution. How about if every time they go after the second amendment to weaken it, we just go after the queer amendment. You know, the 4th. That’s the one that the founder wrote to protect queers and abortions.

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Oh to be a Democrat

by on Feb.10, 2016, under Ethics, Our Government

Oh to be a Democrat. Especially with a last name of Clinton. You can lie and cheat and murder and it’s well, just ok. Hill can cheat her way through Iowa, get trounced in NH and still have equal delegates. Only the Dems would think of super delegates.

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2016 in Kalifornia

by on Jan.16, 2016, under California Government, Civil Rights

With the radical left wing support of our Attorney General,  Kamala Harris two up and budding legislators  have introduced legislation in opposition of the second ammendment. Assemblyman David Chiu (AB 1663) and on the same day Mark Levine and Phil Ting sponsored another radical bill (AB 1664). Both bills go after your rights as gun owners. It is imperative that these be stopped. If you are in their districts, call them. If not call your Assemblyman. The US is on its way to a revolution and it may start in Kalifornia.

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ISIS or Sissies with masks

by on Feb.03, 2015, under Afghanistan, Obama, Our Government

I find it difficult to figure out how if we have this international coalition according to the president why there isn’t about 500,000 soldiers in the middle east taking out anyone with a mask and a AK. Our president has taken the word delusional to a whole new level.

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